Milwaukee Sports


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Milwaukee Teams

Milwaukee Brewers

There's no easy way to say this: the Milwaukee Brewers have consistently proved themselves one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball. Since 1993, the Brewers have had two winning seasons. They've made the playoffs only twice, in '81 and '82, losing the World Series in their second effort. They haven't returned since. The Milwaukee Brewers spent much of 2007 leading the National League Central but disappointed fans once again by performing abysmally in the second half of the season. The team was forced to watch as the rival Chicago Cubs stole the division. But with such a bevy of young talent, the Milwaukee Brewers have a good chance of seeing the playoffs sometime soon. Baseball fans: choose the game and the seats you want.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks claim to fame dates back to the 1970s, when the team featured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and won its only National Basketball Association championship. In recent years, fans have only received disappointment at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks, despite the Milwaukee basketball team's acquisition of young talent like Charlie Villanueva and Andrew Bogut. The Bucks made headlines this year after drafting Yi Jianlian, a Chinese prospect who many compare to the towering Yao Ming. Still, in a tough division featuring the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls, it remains to be seen if the Milwaukee Bucks can reverse the trend of three straight losing seasons. Basketball fans: choose the game and the seats you want.

Other Teams from Wisconsin

Green Bay Packers

Beloved by their home-state fans, Wisconsin's Green Bay Packers are one of the oldest, most unique and most successful franchises in the National Football League. Though the town of Green Bay claims just over 100,000 residents, games at Lambeau Field have been sold out since the '60s. The Packers are also the only NFL team publicly owned almost entirely by the residents of the town in which they play. Retirement-repellant, veteran quarterback Brett Favre returned once more this season to lead the Green Bay Packers. Coming off two uncharacteristically disappointing seasons in a row, the Green Bay Packers look ready to make a playoff run this season. Football fans: choose the game and the seats you want.