Milwaukee Nightlife - Milwaukee Live Music Clubs

Milwaukee is a city that loves live music. In the summer months, there seems to be a live festival every weekend where music lovers can take in every genre of beats; come the cooler months, Milwaukee simply brings the music to one of it's many live music clubs. There are hundreds of ways to take in a show in this city; restaurants double as jazz venues, warehouses bring the best of screaming metal to the scene and college hangouts and dive bars serve as havens for wayfaring indie bands. There are even coffee shops where the savvy caffeine addict can stumble upon a hippy chick with a guitar. The diversity in the city's live music venues reflects the diversity in the live music styles; both national and local acts grace the stages of Milwaukee's clubs.
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Shank Hall

1434 N Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Tel. 414.276.7288
Not too many people know about Shank Hall, but those that do know it for a reason. Though Shank resembles a converted bingo hall, the enormous number of wall-mounted photos (each of an artist who's played at this Milwaukee music venue) is testament to the Milwaukee venue's reputation for excellent sound quality and professional management. Acts large and small come to Shank, and fans in the know snap up the opportunity to see them there. Drinks are cheap and Pabst Blue Ribbon flows like wine. The length of the room allows for a bar, numerous round tables and an open area in front of the stage for fans that prefer to stand and watch their favorite music act.

The Rave Eagles Club

2401 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Tel. 414.342.7283
The massive Rave complex in Milwaukee is home to four different live music venues, each with its own personality. The Eagles Ballroom has seating for about 1,000 and has one of the larger stages in the complex. The Rave Bar and the Rave II are both much smaller and offer some of the closest views of the performers out of any venue in Milwaukee. Some of today's hottest acts play at the Rave Eagles Club, making it one of the best places to see live music in Milwaukee.

The Jazz Estate

2423 N. Murray Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Tel. 414.964.9923
Boasting live music five nights a week, The Jazz Estate is Milwaukee's premier venue for live jazz. The Jazz Estate emulates the classic 1950s style jazz club, and walking through the doors truly feels like leaving the 21st century behind. Patrons will feel at home sipping on a single malt scotch or a expertly made martini while listening to Milwaukee's best jazz musicians. Newcomers should be sure to see the Erotic Adventures of the Static Chicken at least once while in town. For a classy, jazz-filled night on the town, don't pass up the newly renovated Jazz Estate.

Linneman's River West Inn

1001 E. Locust St., Milwaukeee, Wisconsin; Tel. 414.263.9844
Linneman's River West Inn combines the charm of an Irish pub with the excitement of a small, live music venue. Located near the University of Wisconsin, Linneman's sees a healthy group of college students, but the crowd is fairly mixed in ages. The bar also recently added a new ventilation system, making it easier for patrons to enjoy fresh air. Linneman's boasts a large selection of tap beers, including Guinness, Hacker Pschorr and Riverwest Stein. Wine and spirits are also available for those who don't enjoy beer.
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