Live Music Clubs in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a city that loves live music. In the summer months, there seems to be a live festival every weekend where music lovers can take in every genre of beats; come the cooler months, Milwaukee simply brings the music to one of it's many live music clubs. There are hundreds of ways to take in a show in this city; restaurants double as jazz venues, warehouses bring the best of screaming metal to the scene and college hangouts and dive bars serve as havens for wayfaring indie bands. There are even coffee shops where the savvy caffeine addict can stumble upon a hippy chick with a guitar. The diversity in the city's live music venues reflects the diversity in the live music styles; both national and local acts grace the stages of Milwaukee's clubs.

2401 W Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee WI 53233
2423 N Murray Ave Milwaukee WI 53211
1434 N Farwell Ave Milwaukee WI 53202
1001 E Locust St Milwaukee WI 53212

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